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Croucher & Crowder Engineering Co. Ltd is a successful and progressive engineering company established in Hawera, Taranaki since 1929. With very skilled, experienced and knowledgeable staff, together with specialist equipment and facilities, our company has forged a strong reputation for our professional service, quality and timely delivery of products during its 85 years in business.

With an average permanent staff of between 80 to 90 employees we are able to provide a wide range of capabilities and services which include heavy structural steel work, mechanical plant installation & maintenance, machining, alignment, crane hire & industrial sales.

Staff Profiles

Croucher & Crowder Engineering Co. Ltd has always prided itself on being a locally owned and operated Engineering company and we have just celebrated over 90 years in business.

Marvyn Towers – Managing Director
Email: marvyn.towers@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 241 2894

Marvyn began his apprenticeship as a fitter/turner with Croucher & Crowder in 1973 and has been a director and shareholder of the company for over 25 years now.

After working his way through the various supervisory ranks to his present role as Managing Director, he has held a pivotal role in helping the company diversify its business to become a leading player in the Engineering & Industrial Sales Industry. As the company has evolved since its inception with the goal to retaining local ownership Marvyn has now become a major shareholder in the business.

Marvyn is also the current chairman of the Tradezone Group which is one of the fastest growing franchises with 37 outlets nationwide. With a keen interest in motor racing Marvyn now has the perfect man shed and tool shop to help his passion for driving fast.

Mike Savage – Technical & QA/QC Manager
Email: mike.savage@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 277 6517

Mike Savage is another long serving staff member and company director who has been a major influence in the success of the company. Mike is responsible for the companies mechanical and machining division and his experience in this field is a valued asset. His considerable skills in machining and manufacturing a range of products such as bearing housings, hole groomers etc has been vital to this area of the business.

Croucher and Crowder boasts a very modern and well equipped Machine shop, and Mikes team is able to provide an extensive range of machining services with the latest lathes & milling machines

Bruce Brown – Group Manager
Email: bruce@tradezonecc.co.nz – Ph: 027 442 3218

As a company director and manager of the Industrial sales division,   Bruce has been instrumental in the success of the engineering industrial sales and retail branches of Croucher & Crowder. What originally started as a small sales store to mainly provide stock to the company engineering workshop the Hawera store has now been expanded more than 5 times to accommodate increased product lines and merchandising.

Since joining the Tradezone franchise group in 1998, the company has now expanded its operations to include to another 3 retail stores in New Plymouth, Napier and more recently Rotorua.

Alan McIntosh – Engineering Manager
Email: tosh@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 233 4530

Alan has extensive Project Management experience working on large structural jobs throughout the UK prior to starting with Croucher & Crowder in 1999. He has helped the company secure many large and successful local and Wellington projects including the Galleria on Tory, Wellington Supreme Court, Te Papa, and Wellington Aquatic centre. Alan also manages the engineering workshop in Hawera and is responsible for the overall engineering works  program.

Judith Keegan – Operations Manager
Contact judith@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 4880 614 

Judith joined the company in 2012 as Operations Manager. Her many years experience in an administrative and engineering background has helped Crouchers to gain accreditation in a number of quality management and workplace safety management certifications. Judith has also updated and expanded the organizational processes required throughout the companies various branches.

Bernie King – Business & Development Manager
Contact bernie.king@crouchers.co.nz

With over 60 years with the company and as the former owner and Managing Director, Bernie now enjoys the part-time role of business development when golfing and fishing allows.   His wealth of engineering knowledge and experience is still an invaluable asset to the company and he is regularly consulted to give guidance and advice.

Greg Dickie – Mechanical Services Manager
Email: greg.dickie@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 290 6756

Greg has extensive experience in maintenance & fitting. He is responsible for all the local council repairs & maintenance work which involves sanitation & reticulation projects, manufacturing and structural work. Greg and his team also provide maintenance & manufacturing services for numerous other clients, including a range of meat industries throughout the country. He also manages a very successful and top class pre-breaker refurbishment program.

Bryan Mainwaring – Structural Services Manager
Contact bryan.mainwaring@crouchers.co.nz  –  Ph: 027 496 5614 

Bryan has worked for Croucher & Crowder for over 25 years and completed his apprenticeship with the company as a fitter welder. Bryan oversees most of the company maintenance and jobbing work and is responsible for planning and preventative maintenance programs for a number of our key clients. He has a central role in the implementation and execution of many of the companies health, safety & environmental procedures.

Don Hooper & Dean Pollard – Workshop Supervisors
Contact workshop@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 06 278 4185

Don Hooper & Dean Pollard supervise the day to day running of the workshop and both have many years of engineering knowledge and experience between them

Brock Engelen & Peter Lister – Site Works Supervisors
Contact brock@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 755 4511
Contact peter@crouchers.co.nz – Ph: 027 278 4159

Brock Engelen & Peter Lister also with many years engineering experience and knowledge, supervise the day to day running of the site works.

Barbara Bishop – Office Manager
Contact barb@crouchers.co.nz

Barb has been with the company for 25 years and heads the administration team at Croucher & Crowder. Based at the head office in Hawera she is responsible for all the organizational, payroll and financial services for the company. In addition to administrative work for the engineering services the Hawera office also oversees and processes the accounts, payroll etc for the four Tradezone retail stores.