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tradezoneCroucher & Crowder Engineering is committed to providing you with outstanding customer service and being the right supplier to meet your needs. We believe our personal and client focused approach will give our customers the best possible service with high quality products.

Any non-stocked items can normally be sourced for the following day due to our extensive supplier networks, both nationally and overseas.

Our four branches collectively carry over 2.5 million in stock and with our back up network of 35 stores nationwide there will not be a need for our customers to carry large stock inventory on site.
We are able to provide specifically designed usage reports for larger companies that ensure we will have your stock items available on time and available for each order.

Specialist Advice & Technical Information

Our retail stores pride themselves on having specialist staff, many which have an engineering background and are able to provide extensive advice and technical support on products and applications in conjunction with our numerous supplier partners.

Our employees undergo dedicated product training so they can assist with informed practical knowledge of our product platforms.

Our employees are able to recommend alternative products or improvements if required.

Home Brews

Home_brew_1 Home_brew_2








Stockists of home brew supplies for more than 20 years

We have an extensive product range and in-house brewers that can help with any enquiries.

Plant Maintenance & Shutdown Periods

With advance notice of a shutdown period that may require an increased level of inventory supply and service we will ensure we have availability of both products and service required prior to the shutdown.

Contact Us

General Enquiries

Head Office – Hawera

Phone: (06) 278 4185

A/h Phone: (06) 278 4181

General Enquiries -Email:

Account Enquiries – Email:

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Store Manager: Aaron Wick

Phone: (06) 278 4185
Ph 027 474 4093


Postal Address
PO Box 352,
Hawera 4640

Physical Address
8 Nelson Street,
Hawera 4610

Retail enquiries:

Sales rep – Lewis Cole:
Ph 027 5511 050

Sales rep – Malcolm Yates:
Ph 027 295 8556

Safety Equipment – Jason Douglas
Ph 027 249 9641

Account Enquiries
Ph 06 278 4185

Group Manager – Bruce Brown
Ph 027 442 3218


Store Manager: John Bromell

Phone Day or Night: (06) 758 5133
Fax: (06) 758 0707


Physical Address
172 Gill Street
New Plymouth 4312
Taranaki NZ

Sales rep – Simon Tippett
Ph 027 497 1353

Sales rep – Daryl Cottam
Ph 027 459 9874

Office Enquiries

Manager – John Bromell
Ph 027 452 6722


Store Manager: Bruce Brown

Phone Day or Night: (06) 842 2304
Fax: (06) 842 2305


Physical Address
69 Austin Street
Napier 4110
Hawke’s Bay, NZ

Sales rep – Paul Costello
Ph 027 273 2849

Office Enquiries

Manager – Glen Haggerty
Ph 027 838 5314


Store Manager: Glen Haggerty

Phone: 027 838 5314


Physical Address
506 Queen Street West
Hastings 4122
Hawke’s Bay, NZ

Sales rep – Steve Goodwin
Ph 027 442 3528

Sales rep – Stan Maton

Office Enquiries

Manager – Glen Haggerty
Ph 027 838 5314


Store Manager: Laurie HOCQUARD

Phone Day or Night: (07) 347 9110
Fax: (07) 347 3139


Physical Address
33 Depot Street
Rotorua 3015
Bay of Plenty, NZ

Sales rep – 

Manager – Laurie Hocquard
Ph 027 838 6286