Structural Shop

Serviced with two 5 Ton overhead gantry cranes and numerous mig welding machines.

160 Tonne Brake Set

160 Tonne x 3600mm Capacity Press Brake.
CNC Programmable, Plus memory Store.
Specifications of 160-Tonne Break Press

press brake

200 Tonne Hydraulic Press

This 200 tonne press was manufactured in house in the 1950’s and still pushes with 200tonne capacity. Forming tank ends, moving shafts in bosses, straightening beams etc.

Robot Welder

Specifications of EX-MV6L Robot Manipulator – PDF download

robot welder


Band Saws

Carif model 320 auto band saw
Material size 270mm x 270mm
Angle of cut 0 – 45o
Number of preset memory items 1 – 999


Mega BS-760M manual band saw
Material size 760mm x 470mm
Angle of cut 0 – 60o


Plate & Section Rollers

Plate pinch rollers;
1800 x 10 thick plate.
These rollers are capable of rolling 10 mm plate 1800 long

pinch rollers

Section Rollers;
Various jigs and tooling to roll tube RHS and Angles

Workshop Services – Machine Shop

Microweilly CNC Lathe

Microweilly CNC Lathe

Fagor CNC Controll
8 Station Tarrent tool holder
Cap 560mm diameter
270mm diameter x 1200BC

Broach Press


Broaching – we are able to Broach Keyways in the following range
Imperial 1/8” – 1.1/2”
Metric 3mm – 25mm



Manual Lathes for general work
Ranges up to 800mm diameter
320 X 3000MM BC

Milling Machines

milling machines









Manual Mills for general work.

cnc mill

CNC Mill provides fast and efficient machining for one off and multiple items.

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