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Croucher and Crowder are now certified operators of the Sifco electro-brush plating system used to repair hydraulic rams in place and build up surfaces on shafts, rollers, busbars etc.  We offer various metal surfaces such as copper, tin, nickel and nickel-cobalt depending on requirements.

Defects in chrome rods can be efficiently repaired without the need for disassembly and results in a durable, high density, corrosion resistant 50 HRC hard finish.

Options include:

  • Repair of scratched or dented hydraulic rams on site or in our workshop.  If caught in time, damage can be repaired without the need for disassembly and replacement of seals.


Croucher and Crowder also offer a full ram rebuild service.

  • Build up of shafts and bores that are out of tolerance for bearing fits or seal diameters.  Fast wearing seal and plain bearing diameters can be improved with a 50HRC hard surface.

  • Repair of imperfections in rollers requiring a consistent, smooth finish.

  • Build up of copper busbars and large electrical contacts.


Advantages over other processes:

  • No heat input and as such no distortion of the part.

  • Portable process allows repairs on site and in situ.  A 10amp supply is all that’s required (generator friendly).

  • Complete rebuilds of machinery can be avoided.

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